Installation instructions

You can install the latest version of GeophysicalFlows.jl via the built-in package manager (accessed by pressing ] in the Julia REPL command prompt) to add the package and also to instantiate/build all the required dependencies

julia> ]
(v1.6) pkg> add GeophysicalFlows
(v1.6) pkg> instantiate

We recommend installing GeophysicalFlows.jl with the built-in Julia package manager, because this installs a stable, tagged release. Later on, you can update GeophysicalFlows.jl to the latest tagged release again via the package manager by typing

(v1.6) pkg> update GeophysicalFlows

Note that some releases might induce breaking changes to certain modules. If after anything happens or your code stops working, please open an issue or start a discussion. We're more than happy to help with getting your simulations up and running.

Use Julia 1.6 or newer

The latest GeophysicalFlows.jl requires at least Julia v1.6 to run. Installing GeophysicalFlows with an older version of Julia will install an older version of GeophysicalFlows.jl (the latest version compatible with your version of Julia).

Last version compatible with Julia v1.5: GeophysicalFlows.jl v0.13.1